When I Realised I Had Nothing To Say

Microphone at the speech podium

Like me, I bet you’ve always wanted an audience. Oh yes, maybe you don’t want to get up and speak in front of people (I do) but you still crave an audience to hear what you have to say. We like our own opinions. We want to tell them to other people and the more people the better.

I dreamed of the multitudes hanging on my every word, devouring the inspiration and wisdom from eloquence. But when the time came, I realised I had nothing to say. Start a blog, start writing a book, or start writing a speech and you too will discover how little you actually have to say.

Perhaps instead of our stage, we should be looking for our story. What we have to say is more important than how we say it. In fact, it’s everything. Nobody lines up to hear a fool spouting eloquent rubbish but there are queues to hear the most boring speaker tell an extraordinary story.

If, like me, you dream of the day people will listen to you speak, it’s time to start finding out what your story is.

Don’t reach the stage with nothing to say.

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